I am building a VANS RV-4 aircraft. If your not involved in homebuilt aircraft it wont be too interesting, but if you are a part of that elite group it just might be. My intention is to include ONLY the interesting details, so the rate of change will be quite slow!

Friday, May 09, 2008


Canopy installed today.

The canopy went on for the final time today, and for the first time since painting. I forgot to run the pin through a bit of Scotchbrite, so it was a battle.

The canopy needs a good clean but then so does the whole aircraft right now. Its dusty in my hangar.

I am currently finishing up the ignition harness and I need to get the tank back on. I am also draining the preserving oil in anticipation of the first engine start.

(Double click for bigger pictures.)


Fix the oil fitting before you fly or you will be cleaning the bottom of the plane more often than you would care to. I had a spot of a problem with the oil pressure fitting not being tight and let it go on for far to long. Nothing better than having a clean engine compartment.

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