I am building a VANS RV-4 aircraft. If your not involved in homebuilt aircraft it wont be too interesting, but if you are a part of that elite group it just might be. My intention is to include ONLY the interesting details, so the rate of change will be quite slow!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Wing and electric detail added plus fuel flow.

A few details of the wings and electrics have been added. If you go to wings you can see details of my OFPSS flap position sensor system together with the magnetometer and transponder antenna mounting.

At electrics I have shown details of the wiring behind the panel. It looks very untidy I am sorry to say. I just find it hard to make it look tidy.

In the UK, the LAA (was PFA) ask us to run a fuel flow test. This is to check that the flow of fuel from the electric pump considerably exceeds the maximum demand of the engine. I am not sure where they would consider the flow was inadequate. I think the major thing you are checking for is blocked fuel pipes, perhaps kinked in construction. The O-320 has a max demand of about 53 lph and the Facit pump was pumping about 105lph from either tank, to the fitting at the entrance to the carb.. That was good enough for me.

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