I am building a VANS RV-4 aircraft. If your not involved in homebuilt aircraft it wont be too interesting, but if you are a part of that elite group it just might be. My intention is to include ONLY the interesting details, so the rate of change will be quite slow!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Time to go flying!

....well not quite though I am nearly there.

It needs to be weighed and the upper gear fairings installed.

We did a snagging list the other day and it was trivial except for one item. I may yet have to take the engine out to change the fitting where the oil pressure comes out of the engine. It appears it was damaged and does not make a good seal.

Hopefully, it will be weighed by this time tomorrow.

It was scary specifying the colour scheme though I am extremely pleased the way it has worked out. It certainly gathers and shows dust though.

John Stahr did the painting and had massive input into the design detail. He is Oregon based and I highly recommend his work.

(Double click the pictures if you want to see detail.)

Wow - I love the paint scheme and colors!
Not very creative on my part......but........man that is beautiful..........congrats on a fantastic project complete.!
Thanks for the nice comments and I apologise to the person whoes comment I deleted in error. To him, yes the leak is fixed!
When will it be flying?
Will we see you at any fly ins soon?
....soon? That depends mostly on how fast the cogs at the PFA turn!
What a beautiful aircraft and an incredible effort. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us via your really great web site.

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