I am building a VANS RV-4 aircraft. If your not involved in homebuilt aircraft it wont be too interesting, but if you are a part of that elite group it just might be. My intention is to include ONLY the interesting details, so the rate of change will be quite slow!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Painting was finished last Sunday.

After five and a half hectic days, and late nights, painting is complete. Here is a representative picture. It will be a while before G-IKON is assembled.
For more details please go to the October 9th '07 entry.

Just wanted to post a note saying that I think your blog is a very good one. I have gotten much information from your posts, (I'm building a -4 also) that have answered many questions that I have had during my on going construction. If you have posted more photos than shown, I would like to see them. My address it: rvaitor@verizon.net

Keep up the good work!
Mike Bauer
I actually liked the stealth fighter gray better.

Just kidding. This must be one of the best looking RV-4 I have seen.
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